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Banfa wearing the freestyle headphones in black

Freestyle on-ear Headphones

Be more than just one thing

Meet our Freestyle On-Ear headphones –
The ultimate retro flashback

Unique acoustics for a deeper bass

36mm driver

Heavy bass in a lightweight format.

Ensure a steadfast connection

Seamless Connectivity with Bluetooth 5.3

These headphones has a stable, lag-free connection, making every track and call effortlessly smooth.

Retro Aesthetic, Modern Mechanics

The Freestyle On-Ear Headphones are a nod to the classic cool of the 80s

These headphones flirt with retro aeshtetics accompanied by today's technology. Hence, you can enjoy a rich sound experience and seamless functionality, encapsulated in a design that's both light on your head and heavy on style.

Featherlight comfort

Light and compact design

MONDO on-ear is so lightweight you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

A Palette of Colorful Choices

Why blend in when you can stand out?

The MONDO Freestyle comes in four distinct colors, so you can choose between, black, Greige, Pink and even Transparent. Mix and match earpads to suit your mood and wardrobe, making these headphones as versatile as your playlist.

USB-C Charging: Power Up Fast

Quick, efficient, and convenient

The USB-C charging capability means your music is always just a quick 1,5H charge away from 22H of active playtime.

Master Your Soundtrack with Ease

Effortlessly manage your volume and track queue

The rotating controls on each side of your MONDO Freestyle headphones put the power of sound right at your fingertips.

Microphone featuring Enviromental Noice Cancelling

Crystal-Clear Communication with ENC

Your conversations are as clear and uninterrupted as your music.

All-Day Audio

22 hours of active playtime

These headphones are the perfect partner for your daily soundtrack, ensuring that you have the power you need for all-day listening.

Adjust your EQ settings to fine-tune your music

Connect and Control with the MONDO App

With the MONDO App, you can Adjust and fine-tune your music, ensuring every track is heard just as you like it.

MONDO Freestyle On-Ear Headphones

Be more than just one thing

Dynamic Sound, Iconic Style

The MONDO On-Ear Freestyle headphones are a symphony of Swedish sound engineering and timeless street style. That shows with the 36mm driver, which deliver deep bass in a lightweight form that keeps your head bobbing to the rhythm all day long.

What’s in the box?

Unleash your sound as soon as you unbox. Your MONDO Freestyle headphones come with everything you need to get started: A USB-C charging cable for quick power-ups, manual, and additional earpads for your personal style expression.


MONDO is where street culture, sound, and Scandinavian design intersect. At the heart of MONDO is the fusion of culture, technology, and artistry. We are born from a collaboration of industry disruptors, and we’re on a mission to revolutionize music tech with artist and fan involvement.

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Need additional support?

Download the MONDO manual for the Freestyle On-Ear headphones here.

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The MONDO by Defunc Freestyle On-Ear Headphone in Pink

Freestyle on-ear Headphones

Be more than just one thing

Meet our Freestyle On-Ear headphones –
The ultimate retro flashback