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Amplifying Culture through Technology

Music heritage and audio craft coming together.

MONDO by Defunc is the result of likeminded interests coming together to form new paths for a music industry still trying to find its way in a world of abundance. By combining a love for music as an artform and technology as an enabler, MONDO is the next generation of audio products where artists and fans are actively taking part in product development.

Founded in Sweden in 2022, MONDO started out as a thought experiment between audio designers Defunc, artist management company Monza and lifestyle platform Dopest. The resulting idea quickly turned into a vision about creating a brand authentically rooted in street culture, but with the industry knowledge and design ability to quickly turn it into tangible products.

A year later, MONDO by Defunc took off with its first line of over-ear-headphones being launched on all the important audiotech fairs in Asia, Europe and the US. The stage is now set for a complete series of MONDO products to meet a global audience.

Our design philosophy

As a tribute to our origins in the music industry, the designs emulate a robust yet timeless studio aesthetic, translated into a lifestyle product with true staying power. We’ve also put great effort into developing products that deliver genuinely great sound but are durable enough to use daily.

This prolongs into a conceptual idea behind a product range, meant to be continuously developed in close collaboration with a culture that never sleeps, but still apply clearly defined cues. In a not-too-distant future we’ll be launching a whole series of products based on the work ethic that anything is possible as long as there’s a unifying vision. This dynamic remains at the center of the MONDO community of which we are both originators and participants.

The trinity behind MONDO

MONDO by Defunc is the lovechild of artist management agency Monza and leading street culture platform Dopest. Alongside us at Defunc, the idea behind the new brand is to create a unique design formula that blends technical excellence and business savviness with the networking logic of communities. We are inviting the voices of the scene to collaborate on new products and concepts, al l the way through design, marketing, distribution and profit sharing. Together we create a new business logic that resonates stronger with artists and their audiences by being part of their culture.

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